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Lisa Maloney

Baby, it's cold out there!

By December 31, 2012

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A hiker overlooking frozen Dew Lake in AlaskaBrrrrr! We've been having crazy weather up here in Alaska -- right now it's above freezing, which really isn't normal for December/January -- but one thing is certain: Temperatures will probably drop back to 20 below or so in early 2013.

That doesn't mean we stop hiking up here -- it comes with the territory, after all -- but those of us that do venture outside quickly learn to bundle up against the cold and wear a warm hat.

That's just the start of our cold-weather repertoire; there are lots of tricks you can use to keep warm. If you click that link you'll get to a list of my favorite stay-warm tricks, but there's one I didn't put on the list: Stopping to pee!

It's not on the list because I don't understand it. Is it just the psychological relief of emptying a full bladder, or does urinating trigger some sort of hormone that leaves you feeling toasty? Regardless, I swear it works. It won't suddenly cure hypothermia, but it does leave you feeling a little warmer for a while -- or is it just me? Anyone?

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