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Lisa Maloney

Look, Ma! No Stink!

By February 1, 2013

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A pile of single-serve Action WipesI could have sworn I'd already blogged about the process of testing Action Wipes' stink-preventing abilities. I didn't have any backpacking trips planned when I received them, so I did the next best thing: Hiking, dancing, biking, and just generally sweating as much as I could for three days, during which time I skipped the showers and just used Action Wipes instead. How could I not have shared something like that with you guys?!

Anyway. The end result was/is that I'm really into Action Wipes. They have natural ingredients, they're large and wet enough to "bathe" your entire body if you're judicious about it, they smell great, and they actually leave you feeling fresh -- there's no feeling of residue like you sometimes get from baby wipes.

I was able to out-garlic them at one point -- after the original test -- but that took the sort of garlic consumption that pretty much ensured I'd spend the next day or two by myself anyway. I guess even Action Wipes can't stop the slow, constant ooze of garlic from my pores.

All that said, I had just one major concern. While I love that Action Wipes come individually packaged or in more value-conscious multipacks, I was concerned that the multipacks would end up like so many half-used packages of baby wipes before them: Dry and crusty. So toward that end, I've been nursing a single (open!) pack of Action Wipes along since early October of last year. Want to know how it did? You'll have to read the full review!

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