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What is a Soft-Shell Jacket?



A soft-shell jacket is usually water- and wind-resistant, but not as weatherproof as a hard shell. Unlike hard-shell jackets, the texture of a soft shell generally feels good against your skin, even in cool or damp weather. (Hard shells can feel pretty clammy under the same conditions.) This makes soft-shell jackets ideal for use in mild conditions, or if you expect to wear the jacket in the city where you might just throw it on over a T-shirt.

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Soft-shell technology is improving, but they're still not as weatherproof as the best hard-shell jackets -- so if you only have the money for one high-quality jacket, I'd recommend getting a quality hard shell for its versatility. It'll keep you warm and dry in more extreme conditions than a soft shell can, and as long as you're wearing at least a thin base layer over your arms, it'll be perfectly comfortable. (I wear my hard shell over a T-shirt in nice weather; it only gets miserable in the wet and cold.)

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Key differences to be aware of between soft-shell and hard-shell jackets:

  • Every hard-shell jacket has a hood; not all soft-shell jackets do.
  • Soft shells are typically more breathable than hard shells.
  • Soft shells have more stretch than hard shells.
  • Soft shells feel better against your skin.
  • Ventilation zips aren't as common on soft-shell jackets as on hard shells.

As with hard-shell jackets, your soft shell's waterproofing and breathability are usually listed on the tags. Waterproofing is standardized across the industry; the higher the number, the better. Breathability measurements aren't standardized, but in general a higher number is more desirable (just take those figures with a grain of salt).

Pros of soft-shell jackets:

  • Comfortable against skin
  • More breathable than hard shells
  • Stretches

Cons of soft-shell jackets:

  • Not weatherproof
  • Less packable than hard-shell jackets
  • Not all come with a hood
Also Known As: soft shell jacket, softshell jacket
That soft-shell jacket is really comfortable, and I like how it stretches with my movements.
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