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Trail Etiquette

Who has the right of way on the trail? Do I really have to keep my dog on a leash? What if I have to go to the bathroom? Get the answers to these, and more, questions about hiking etiquette.

How Leave No Trace Ethics Apply to Hiking
Wearing a figurative groove into your favorite hiking trails is fine, but don't make it literal. These hiking-specific ideas get you started with the "Leave No Trace" ethic.

10 Tips for Responsible Hiking
You're bound to meet others, at least occasionally, when you're out on a hiking adventure. Following a few basic rules of etiquette helps preserve the experience -- and the trail you're hiking on -- for everybody.

Pet Etiquette: Hiking With Your Dog
The rules of good conduct are particularly important -- for both you and the dog -- when you bring a pet on the hiking trail with you.

6 Things a Hiker Should Never Do
Hiking etiquette really isn't that complicated. As long as you avoid these six pet peeves, you're probably doing just fine.

How to Hike as Part of a Group
Hiking with others adds a fun group dynamic to your outing. It's also a good way to avoid problems with large wildlife, which generally steer clear of groups of people. But getting along when you're tired and footsore isn't always easy; here are some tips to help you keep peace on the trail.

Book Review: How to Sh*t in the Woods
Poop happens. When it happens outside, responsible clean-up and after-care can look a whole lot different than when it happens indoors. River guide Kathleen Meyer's book on free range pooping -- part how-to and part humorous narrative -- takes the guesswork out of what to do with that toilet paper, or whether you should even have it along in the...

How to Take Someone Else Hiking for the First Time
Have a friend who's never hiked before? Want to show him (or her) the way of the trail? Here's how to make sure he'll enjoy his first hike and look forward to the next.

Professor Hike: 5 Unwritten Rules of Trail Etiquette
Unwritten, no longer: These five rules of trail etiquette will help you keep from offending others on the trail, and may even keep you safe.

A Primer on Hiking Etiquette
The basics of how not to make a jerk of yourself on the trail.

Headlamp Etiquette for Hikers
Don't blind others with your headlamp, okay? Plus a few other tips for making the most of that light strapped to your head.

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