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Winter Hiking

Yes, you can hike in winter! A little knowledge will do a lot to keep you warm and comfortable, so get started here. You can learn how to dress for winter hikes, how to identify and cope with winter hazards, and even how to hike in the dark.
  1. Hiking at Night (2)
  2. Hiking in Snowshoes (5)

Dressing for a Winter Hike: Hat, Gloves, Socks, and Boots
If you've already figured out how to layer your clothing for cold-weather hikes, the same principles apply -- with a few caveats -- to dressing your extremities as well.

5 Hazards of Winter Hiking
Winter isn't quite as forgiving as summer. Learn about the hazards of winter hiking and how to handle them.

Tips for Keeping Warm on a Winter Hike
Brrr! Winter hikes are beautiful, fun, and sometimes very cold. Here's a collection of tips to help you stay warm and comfortable on your next cool-weather hike.

6 Reasons to Try Winter Hiking
Turns out there are plenty of reasons to go winter hiking -- here are six.

Tips for Keeping Warm on a Winter Backpacking Trip
Trips and tricks for staying warm and comfortable on overnight winter hikes.

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