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Hiking safety means planning ahead and being aware of possible dangers on the trail. Changing weather, wildlife encounters, and injuries can turn a great day of hiking into a sudden emergency. The odds are that you won't face any serious problems. But educate yourself about hiking safety with these tips.
  1. Weather Advice for Hikers (3)
  2. Wildlife Safety Tips (8)

Hiking Safety: How to Cross a River
Knowing how to cross a river is an essential hiking skill. Preparation is key and so too is the ability to assess stream flow and determine a course of action.

What to Do If You Get Lost on a Hike
You can do a lot to prevent getting lost on a hike, but sometimes it happens. Here's how to get ready for it beforehand, and how to handle it once you realize you're lost.

How to Hike Alone
Hiking alone goes contrary to some of the best safety advice out there. But if you're going to go solo, might as well do it safely; here are a few things to keep in mind.

Tips for Hiking on Exposed Terrain
Sometimes hiking and climbing overlap. Learn how to physically and mentally get a handle on hiking across steep, exposed terrain.

From Hiking Varied Terrain to Surviving Unexpected Emergencies
From traversing varied terrain to handling unexpected emergencies, here's how to survive -- and thrive -- on the trail.

How to File a Hiking Trip Plan
File a trip plan. Every time. Here's how.

Why Shouldn't I Wear Cotton While Hiking?
Here's why cotton isn't the best clothing of choice for most outdoor adventures.

How to Stay Oriented While Hiking in Fog
Don't get lost in the fog -- or at least don't get more lost. Here's how to stay oriented and potentially find yourself again.

How to Return From a Hike Safely and On Time
Getting back safely and on time isn't rocket science -- in fact, it's mostly common sense.

Rookie Mistakes to Avoid
Sometimes experienced hikers make these mistakes, too. Either way, if you're avoiding the things on this list, you're doing pretty well.

Skills Every Hiker Should Master
Mastering these skills will make you a smarter, safer hiker.

Flash Flood Safety for Hikers
Learn how to avoid flash floods while hiking.

Lost-Proofing for Hikers
Life is a whole lot easier if you don't get lost in the first place. Here are six tricks to help keep you on track.

Safety Tips for Hikers
Don't stress! Use these tips and tricks to make sure you stay safe on the trail.

Staying Safe on the Trail
No need to feel intimidated by the outdoors! Here's the basic know-how you need to stay safe.

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