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Plan a Hiking Vacation

Discover the exciting world of hiking vacations. There are endless ways that you can make hiking a part of your next vacation or weekend trip. You'll find advice on a huge range of options for all skill levels—everything from multiday guided tours with top outfitters to tips about the best national parks and towns for hiking vacations.
  1. The Right Hiking Vacation (1)

Choosing an Outfitter for a Hiking Vacation

While you'll locate many outstanding hiking vacation companies, choosing the one that's right for you is as important as finding boots with a good fit. Difficulty of hikes, trip structure, and budget are among the issues that you'll want to clarify.

What You Should Know About Self-Guided Hiking Vacations

Self-guided hiking vacations offer the flexibility of independent travel with the support and planning of group travel.

Best Spas For Hiking

Combine miles on the trail with a touch of pampering at these spas where hikes into beautiful and inspiring landscapes will help rejuvenate you.

Anchorage's Trail Network

It's no wonder why Anchorage has won awards for its trail system. With 300 miles of unpaved trails, you could easily use Anchorage as a base for a hiking vacation.

What Hiking Gear Can I Take on a Plane?

Some common pieces of hiking gear won't make it through airport security. Here's what you can and can't put in your carry-on and checked bags.

How to Pack for Hiking Travel

Tips for handling the special considerations that arise if reaching the trailhead involves trail by plane or train.
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