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Snowshoe Hiking - How to Get Up if You Fall

Trekking Poles Come in Very Handy


Snowshoe Hiking - How to Get Up if You Fall
Photo © Lisa Maloney

If you happen to fall while snowshoeing, you have a couple of options. Depending on your flexibility and core strength, you might be able to do the following:

  1. Lean on something solid (like a friend!) If nothing else is handy plant your strong arm on the ground. If the snow's deep and you don't have trekking poles with you, lay your pack flat on the snow and plant your hand on that.
  2. Plant your opposite foot flat on the ground/snow.
  3. Use your supporting arm and that leg to lever yourself upright, bringing the other snowshoe beneath you as you do.

If that's a little too acrobatic for you try, scooting around to a kneeling position atop your snowshoes, then pushing yourself up from there.

If you happen to have trekking poles along, getting up is even easier. Either plant the tips of the poles on the ground and use them to press yourself back upright or, if you find yourself floundering in deep snow, do the following:

  1. Cross the hiking poles at their middles so they form an "X."
  2. Grasp the crossed poles at the middle in whichever hand is closest to the uphill side of the slope (or your strong side if you're on flat ground).
  3. Lay the "X" flat on the snow -- uphill from you if you're on a slope -- and press off it to lever yourself back upright.

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