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How to Deal with Wildlife

Prepare yourself for possible animal encounters while hiking with these wildlife safety tips. You'll feel safer knowing what to do if you come upon such animals as snakes, bears, and mountain lions with a few simple wildlife safety tips.

Safe Hiking in Mountain Lion Country
Mountain lion attacks on humans are quite rare. But the big cats do live in or near many popular hiking areas, so follow these safety tips when you're hiking in mountain lion country.

What to Do When You Encounter a Bear
Dealing with potential wildlife encounters is a big part of hiking safety. Bears are present in natural areas throughout the country, so before you go out familiarize yourself with a few basic safety tips.

How to Deal with Snakes
Snake encounters are common on hikes. Rattlesnakes frequently warm up by sunning themselves on trails. They also hide among stacks of boulders or in tall grasses where you may not easily spot them. Snakes are typically not aggressive but will bite if they feel threatened. Basic snake safety for hikers begins with a few precautions and an understanding of what to do if you actually get bitten.

Keep Your Dog Safe on Hikes
Hiking with your dog is a great bonding experience and an excellent way to keep your pooch mentally stimulated and in good condition. But you'll want to take a few precautions to keep both you and your dog safe and to protect the environment. The ASPCA offers some simple steps and advice for hiking with dogs.

Hiking With a Dog
Hiking with a dog is a great chance to give your dog exercise and keep him or her stimulated. Simple precautions and planning will ensure that both you and your dog are safe on the trail.

Gallery of Bear Sign
Think you might be hiking in bear country? Watch for these four distinct signs that bruins are around.

Moose Safety for Hikers
A half-ton moose can do a lot of damage if it decides to charge. Here's how to avoid moose trouble in the first place, and what to do if one comes at you.

Wild Animal Safety for Hikers
A primer on manners -- how to avoid encounters, and what to do if they happen -- for dangerous wildlife you might encounter while hiking.

The Right Way to Carry Bear Spray
Learn the right (and wrong) ways to carry bear spray so you can get at it in an instant.

Q: Can Bear Spray Expire?
Should you pay attention to the expiration date on your can of bear spray? Yes.

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