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Hypothermia: It Can Still Happen

mountain climber shivering in cold

Yup -- even at the peak of summer, and especially during the long slide into autumn and winter. Here's how to avoid it.

Safety 201
Hiking Spotlight10

What is a Hard-Shell Jacket?

Get the scoop on what a hard-shell jacket is, when it's preferable to a soft shell, and how hard shells are changing with the times.

Should I Buy Waterproof Hiking Boots?

If having waterproof hiking boots really an advantage? Sometimes yes, sometimes no. Here's how to decide whether you should buy waterproof footwear or not.

Making the Most of a Guided Hike

Guided hikes are a great way for beginners -- or experienced hikes on unfamiliar ground -- to get out and explore. Here's how to make the most of them.

What is a Soft-Shell Jacket?

Wondering what a soft-shell jacket is? I explain the difference between a hard shell and a soft shell, and compare their relative merits.

Toilet Essentials for Hikers

Wondering how to handle bodily functions in the outdoors? Here's a guide to both the how and the why.

What to Do If You Get Lost on a Hike

Getting lost on a hike is scary, but preventable. Here's what you can do beforehand to prepare for the possibility, and how to handle it once you realize you're lost.

All About Waterproof Hiking Gear

Waterproof hiking gear is pretty much what it sounds like -- but there are a few catches.

Hypothermia: It Can Still Happen

Hypothermia can happen during any time of year. Here's a recap of how to avoid it, plus a link to basic symptoms and treatment.

How to Handle Exposed Terrain on a Hike

Some of the most spectacular hiking trails have exposed sections, where the consequences of a fall can be severe. Handling such terrain isn't just a physical challenge -- it's a mental challenge too.

What Are Pit Zips and Why Are They Still Around?

Although not as common as they once were, you'll still find pit zips on many hard-shell jackets.

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