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Beware the Monsoon! Flash Flood Safety for Hikers


Pretty, huh? Well guess what -- water made it, and sometimes water comes back for an unannounced (and potentially deadly) visit. Learn how not to get caught in flash floods.

Safety 201
Hiking Spotlight10

11 Skills Every Hiker Should Master

At its heart, hiking is a simple sport -- but the best hikers have mastered, or at least dabbled in, a variety of outdoor skills.

The Top 7 Screw-Ups to Avoid On Your Next Hike

A collection of the deadliest -- and most avoidable -- mistakes you can make on a hike.

Flash Flood Safety for Hikers

Flash floods are fast and dangerous, and they can happen anywhere, at any time -- although they're most common in dry lands that are quickly inundated by water.

Yum! Berries!

Hiking takes you to the berry patches car-based pickers may have missed. Learn how to take advantage of this tasty trail perk!

Using (and Cleaning) Opsak's Odor-Proof Bags

A few caveats about using Opsak's odor-proof bags, plus instructions on how to clean them.

That Trail Is So Pooped (On)

Your dog pooped beside the trail. Aww... isn't that cute...? No, it's not! Find out why and how to deal with dog poop properly.

Useful Skill: Adventure Driving

Some adventurous driving may be required to reach more remote trailheads. Learn how to keep your vehicle's transmission and oil pan intact on rough roads.

5 Car Skills Every Hiker Needs

Hiking means spending a lot of time at, or driving to and from, remote trailheads. Learn about the five common repairs you should be able to do on your car... just in case.

Getting the Most Out of an Avalanche Safety Course

Not all avalanche safety classes are suited to hikers. Here's how to find one that is, then make the most of it.

The Most Important Survival Tool

One survival tool is more useful than all the others -- and it won't take up any space in your pack at all.

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