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6 Ways a Garbage Bag Can Save Your Life


One of the dinkiest items you carry into the backcountry may just be one of the best. Find out why trash bags deserve a place in every emergency kit. Read more...

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Essential Hiking Gear Every Beginner Needs

No matter what kind of hiker you are -- obsessive overpacker or ultralight -- you won't get far without these four essentials.

Where Do You Find Hiking Buddies?

What if you don't have any hiking friends, or they're all busy? No worries, you can always convert non-hiking buddies or pick up new friends to hike with.

The Problem With Camp Hammocks (and How to Solve It)

Believe it or not, a sleeping bag and a camp hammock aren't enough to keep you warm -- you need a sleeping pad or an underquilt, too.

Hiking at Odd Hours... FTW!

Whether you're night hiking or hiking in the wee hours of the morning, traveling at odd hours offers some definite benefits.

Making the Most of a Guided Hike

Guided hikes are a great way for beginners -- or experienced hikes on unfamiliar ground -- to get out and explore. Here's how to make the most of them.

Hypothermia: It Can Still Happen

Hypothermia can happen during any time of year. Here's a recap of how to avoid it, plus a link to basic symptoms and treatment.

Q: When Should I Hire a Hiking Guide?

Whether at home or traveling abroad, here are three reasons you might want to take a guided hike.

The Best Socks for Hikers

There are zillions of hiking socks out there -- I'm reviewing them all, one pair at a time.

The 4 Best Light Hiking Shoes

My picks for the best light hiking shoes, based on extensive hands-on -- okay, feet-on -- testing.

Do I Have to Buy Special Insoles for My Hiking Boots?

After buying a new pair of boots, the first think many hikers do is buy insoles too. Aftermarket insoles will help correct a few fit problems, but they're not for everybody.

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