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Beware the Monsoon! Flash Flood Safety for Hikers


Pretty, huh? Well guess what -- water made it, and sometimes water comes back for an unannounced (and potentially deadly) visit. Learn how not to get caught in flash floods.

Safety 201
Hiking Spotlight10

Gear Review: Geigerrig Rig 500 Hydration Pack

A hands-on review of the Geigerrig Rig 500 hydration pack and, more importantly, its pressurized water reservoir.

Hiking Gear Review: CamelBak All Clear

A full review after hands-on testing of the CamelBak All Clear, which finished a strong second in the 2013 Reader's Choice Awards.

Light Hiking Shoe Review: Chaco Touraine

One hiker's assessment of a women's hiking shoe: the breathable Chaco Touraine.

3 Must-Dos for Hiking in the Heat

Three tips for safe hiking in hot weather, plus a link to more.

The Best Water Filters and Purifiers for Hikers

An experienced hiker lists her five favorite water filters and purifiers, with a short explanation of why each one made the rank.

11 Skills Every Hiker Should Master

At its heart, hiking is a simple sport -- but the best hikers have mastered, or at least dabbled in, a variety of outdoor skills.

The Top 7 Screw-Ups to Avoid On Your Next Hike

A collection of the deadliest -- and most avoidable -- mistakes you can make on a hike.

Flash Flood Safety for Hikers

Flash floods are fast and dangerous, and they can happen anywhere, at any time -- although they're most common in dry lands that are quickly inundated by water.

Yum! Berries!

Hiking takes you to the berry patches car-based pickers may have missed. Learn how to take advantage of this tasty trail perk!

Using (and Cleaning) Opsak's Odor-Proof Bags

A few caveats about using Opsak's odor-proof bags, plus instructions on how to clean them.

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