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Hypothermia: It Can Still Happen

mountain climber shivering in cold

Yup -- even at the peak of summer, and especially during the long slide into autumn and winter. Here's how to avoid it.

Safety 201
Hiking Spotlight10

How to Handle Exposed Terrain on a Hike

Some of the most spectacular hiking trails have exposed sections, where the consequences of a fall can be severe. Handling such terrain isn't just a physical challenge -- it's a mental challenge too.

What Are Pit Zips and Why Are They Still Around?

Although not as common as they once were, you'll still find pit zips on many hard-shell jackets.

Backpacks By the Numbers: Sizing and Buying Guide

When it comes to choosing a backpack, your hiking style and the length of your planned trip will determine which size you need.

What Breathability Means and Why it Matters for Hikers

Why breathability matters for hikers, how it's measured, and what it means in terms of choosing outerwear.

Printable Packing List for a Dayhike

A printable packing list for dayhiking in mild weather.

Scrambling for Hikers

Scrambling is usually a rock climber's territory -- but every so often hikers may find themselves scrambling, too. And that means handling a few concerns that climbers usually don't have to worry about.

Navigating Downhill Slopes Gracefully

Hiking downhill isn't always the easiest part of a trek. Learn tips for getting down even the steepest of hikes safely.

Long-Distance Speed-Hiking Records

A collection of supported and unsupported (or self-supported) speed records on the most notable through hikes in the United States.

That's a Wrap: Day 4 of the Outdoor Retailer 2014 Summer Market

It's the last day of Outdoor Retailer's 2014 Summer Market! Check out the most eye-catching gear (and snacks).

Hot Gear From Day 3 of the 2014 Outdoor Retailer Summer Market

It's round three! A collection of the most interesting gear at Day 3 of the 2014 Outdoor Retailer Summer Market.

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