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Rock Those Uphills!

hikers uphill rear view

There's no way around it: Uphill hikes are tough! But that doesn't mean you have to look like you're suffering... Here's how to make it look easy (or at least easier).

Navigating Challenging Terrain
Hiking Spotlight10

How to Hike Alone

Sticking with a group is the safest way to travel, and I definitely don't advocate hiking alone. But I'm as guilty of breaking my own rules as anyone who's ever given the same advice. So if you're determined to go it solo, here's how to cut your risks as much as possible.

How to Hike on Scree

Scree -- also known as talus -- is pretty much purpose-engineered to make your hike difficult. Use these tips to cross scree fields safely.

How to Hike as Part of a Group

Even your best friend's temper can fray if she's tired, footsore, and a long way from home. Here's how to maintain hiking friendships, even in challenging situations.

Where to Buy Inexpensive Hiking Gear

Quality hiking gear can cost an arm and a leg, but it doesn't have to. Here are some of the best places (in-person and online) to check for cheap gear year-round.

What to Take on Your First Dayhike

These are the essentials you should always have in your pack, even on short day hikes (and the start of a packing list for long hikes or overnight trips).

How to Try On Hiking Boots and Shoes

The very best hiking boots or shoes are the ones that fit you perfectly. No need to wait for Prince (or Princess) Charming to show up with a glass slipper -- I'll show you how to test your hiking shoes and boots for the right fit, right now.

Weatherproof Gear: Your Mobile Protection Against the Elements

The best outer layers you can wear for hiking are weatherproof -- but what, exactly, does that mean? -- find out here.

On Minimalist Hiking

Minimalist hiking may be a trend now, but it was once as simple as traipsing around in water shoes. Here are the nuts and bolts of hitting the trail in barely-there footwear, plus where to look for minimalist shoes.

Printable Packing List for an Overnight Hike

A concise, printable packing list to help beginner backpackers decide what to carry.

What is a Hard-Shell Jacket?

Get the scoop on what a hard-shell jacket is, when it's preferable to a soft shell, and how hard shells are changing with the times.

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