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Lisa Maloney

Lisa Maloney

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Lisa has been an avid hiker for more than a decade. She was the outdoor recreation columnist for The Anchorage Press from 2005 to 2010, with a heavy emphasis on hiking in her writing. She's also the author of 50 Hikes Around Anchorage (Countryman Press).

You can also read more about Lisa's current and past work on her Google Profile: Lisa Maloney.


Lisa has taken formal workshops in wilderness survival and avalanche hazard evaluation, but considers her time on the trail to be the most effective learning tool of all. That's where she learned how to brace a weak knee with scraps of a sleeping pad, that you really should stand your ground in front of a bear, and that staying calm truly is the first step to getting un-lost. As far as Lisa is concerned, travel is just another excuse for hiking; she's explored trails throughout the western United States and Ireland, and hopes to add to that list soon.

By Lisa Maloney:

My relationship with hiking has changed throughout the years. I've survived the pushing-my-limits-in-the-wilderness stage, and deeply contemplated the climbing-a-mountain-equals-spiritual-experience stage. Nowadays I'm comfortably centered in my own life, but hiking remains as my corridor away from the artificial impositions of city living. It doesn't matter how long I've spent in the mountains and the woods; I'll always stop to marvel at a small flower, how the wind moves through the trees, or new tracks just off the trail.


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